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Micro diesel

Here's a weird one sent in by Tim Dannels!  We knew what it's called - it's a Micro, because it says so! Problem was - who made it, where and when? I suspected that it might be Italian, but that was only because I'd exhausted the possibilities in places like France, Sweden and Denmark! Tim hadn't measured it but guessed at a displacement of 1 - 2 cc or thereabouts.

IDENTIFICATION MADE!  Acting upon my suggestion that the engine might be Italian, Tim followed up accxordingly, and lo and behold, there it was! It is indeed Italian., made in 1947 by E. Biraghi. The engine was manufactured in two sizes - 0.7 cc (this one) and 1.0 cc. Apparently the two models were stamped differently above the logo. Tim points out an interesting detail in connection with the backplate. The engine seems to require a tank, but if so there is no way to attach one! There's no tapped hole in the centre of the backplate, nor any provision for fastenings on the smooth backplate protrusion.

If anyone knows more about these semingly elusive engines, please get in touch through the email link provided! 


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