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Unidentified R/C glow

This one was sent in by US resident András Vella, who is the son of Géza Vella, the younger of the two Vella brothers who together produced the VT engines from Hungary. This of course makes him the nephew of the older engine-producing brother, his namesake András.

András has no idea regarding this engine's identity. It's clearly a Dooling-inspired effort, like many model engines constructed in Eastern Europe during the 1950's. Displacement appears to be around 2.5 cc. It's possible that it was made by András's father Géza while living in Chicago many years ago after his escape from Hungary to the USA in 1969, but there's no actual recollection of this. Beyond that, András has no suggestions. Can anyone else out there put a name to this one? If so, please use the email link set aside for this purpose. 

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