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Unidentified diesel twin

This nicely-executed twin-cylinder diesel was submitted by David Hill, who acquired it some years ago. It is constructed using castings as opposed to being hacked out from the solid. David says that it is very well made and is a strong runner. He estimates the displacement as being around 5 cc (two 2.5 cc cylinders). Total weight is 270 gm, which is a bit of a deterrent to putting it in a model. The mounting system is also a bit unusual.

David accepts that the engine could well be a one-off, a suspicion with which I'm inclined to concur. The possibility exists that it was created through the joining of two separate single-cylinder units, but if so David has been unable to identify the single-cylinder originals. 

One-off or not, it would be nice to identify the originator of this interesting unit.  Can anyone out there help?!?  If so, please use the webmail address which I’ve established for this specific purpose

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