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Manx 61 R/C

Here's a very nice-looking and well-made 10 cc R/C glow-plug motor which was submitted by my valued friend Peter Rathke. This engine is a somewhat unusual inclusion in this category since we already know its name, which appears cast in bold relief onto the front of the main casting. It's a Manx 61 R/C model. The problem with this unit is that we have no idea when, where or by whom it was made, nor do we have any idea regarding production figures. All that Peter can tell us is that he acquired it some years ago on eBay Canada.

The front running guess at this point is that this engine may be somehow related to the Manx 60 spark ignition racing engine which was made in very small numbers in the late 1940's by Peter Larsen of Australia. The late David Owen made nine excellent reproductions of that engine using the original drawings, one of which is illustrated here. However, the mystery model is a rather different design, seemingly dating from a far later era. The sole apparent connection is the name. Can any kind reader provide some clarity here?!? 

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