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British Model Aero Engines 1946-2011

This recently published book is a truly outstanding work by Ted Sladden, with superb images taken by Kim Watson. This book is a genuine masterpiece, containing an illustrated alphabetical listing of almost every model engine manufactured in Britain during the 65 year period covered. The quality of the images is exceptional, and I'm left wondering how they managed to track down examples of some of the featured engines to photograph! In a very real sense, this is the British equivalent of Tim Dannels's indespensable "American Model Engine Encyclopedia" (AMEE). No-one who has any interest at all in British model engines can afford to be without a copy.

It may seem rather presumptious of me to offer any criticism at all of such a splendid effort, but I think that one point does need to be made. The book is essentially an alphabetically-ordered photographic catalogue, with very little factual information on the engines or their manufacturers, although a few very useful nuggets of information do appear here and there. The problem with this approach is best illustrated by the book's treatment of the Yulon 30 from 1949. Both Mk. I and Mk. II variants are illustrated, but the two engines look identical and there's no accompanying text to explain what the differences actually are. In such a case, some explanatory notes would have been very much appreciated.

This having been said, the book remains an invaluable aid to the identification of post-WW2 British model engines. Its greatest untility will doubtless be in the realm of model identification as well as informing collectors regarding what may be lurking out there. Quite part from that, it's a completely addictive browse for anyone who likes model engines! 

In order to keep costs down to reasonable levels, the authors have elected to publish the book exclusively through a British on-line book publication/distribution house called The Blurb. This was determined to result in a significant reduction in the handling charges which the use of other distribution companies like Amazon would incur. The book is available in both soft-cover (£64.99) or hardcover (£69.00) versions, plus postage in both cases. In my view, these prices reflect excellent value for money considering the quality of the book. It can be ordered exclusively through this link to the Blurb website.  Payment via PayPal is accepted, as are major credit cards.

A highly recommended read!!