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Cox Model Engine Handbook

This very well-produced soft-cover book is actually a compilation of a series of articles by Dan Sitter which appeared periodically in the pages of Tim Dannel's "Engine Collectors' Journal" (ECJ from May 1993 through to November 2009. Dan's exhaustive research uncovered just about every imaginable fact about this iconic series of model engines, which was produced over the years by the USA's largest manufacturer of quality model engines. No matter what Cox product you may have in your hand, you'll be able to identify it through reference to this remarkable book.

This publication could not legitimately be described as a relaxing armchair read - rather, it is a reference work which contains a minutely detailed examination of every model engine and just about every component or accessory ever produced by Cox. Its primary use will be to identify and date a particular Cox model and to confirm the originality of the components featured on a given engine. As such, it has an immense value to anyone who has the slightest interest in Cox products. A great achievement by Dan Sitter, with the help of Tim Dannels!