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MEN Members-Only Plan Book

The above link will provide you with direct access to a collection of hitherto near-legendary documents - the set of "members only" model engine plans which was provided exclusively to new financial supporters of the late Ron Chernich's now-frozen but still accessible "Model Engine News" (MEN) website. Ron and his fellow Motor Boys spent countless hours researching and developing these and many other plans and building engines from them to prove their accuracy. The responsibility for the preparation of the excellent CAD drawings which make up this collection rested primarily with Ron Chernich.

It was Ron's stated intention to enhance his legacy by making the full Motor Boys plan portfolio freely available to all prior to his untimely demise in early 2014, but sadly his advancing illness prevented him from making this goal become a reality during his lifetime. It's a privilege to be a contributor to the final realization of Ron's wishes. This has been made possible entirely through the hard work of Motor Boy Ken Croft in assembling these plans into a Plan Book (which was never done during Ron's lifetime) and then most generously making the resulting publication available to all.

A separate link to be found on this site will also provide access to the separate Motor Boys Plan Book which was formerly sold by the AMA but has been unavailable for some years now. Our collective debt to Ken Croft and his former colleagues cannot be overstated. Enjoy!!