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Dr. Diesel's Diary

Dr. Diesel's Diary is a 38 page softcover book on the subject of model diesel engines written by the welll-known modeller and home-built aircraft designer Eric Clutton, originally from England but now resident in Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA. It is essential reading for anyone who is contemplating becoming involved with model diesels for the first time or who simply wishes to learn more about them.

The contents are comprehensive in scope, dealing with the history and background of model diesel development as well as such essential topics as operating principles, fuels and fuel mixing, starting and operating issues, maintenance, tank sizes and a lot more besides. The current cost of the book is US$12.50  including postage within the USA. Orders from other countries will of course be subject to an extra mailing cost. A complete catalogue is included with each order shipped.

Apart from "Dr. Diesel's Diary", Eric has two more books available. "Propeller Making for the Amateur" focuses upon on the subject of making full size wood props, but model props are simply smaller units to which the same principles apply. Eric's other book is "An Aeroplane Called FRED", which recounts the development of Eric's full-sized homebuilt parasol-winged aircraft FRED (Flying Runabout Experimental Design) and Eric's various adventures in him. These two books are $12 each plus postage which is generally $6. each. Eric even sells construction plans for FRED at $75 including a FRED book. Postage around $10. There are now around 60 FREDs flying in the world. A single individual can fold him up to a "package" which is just over four feet wide and can be road-towed on his own wheels. Eric tells me that FRED will not stall no matter what you do - you can fly with the stick all the way back and do anything you like. Eric flew him for fifty years and is still here to tell the tale!

When I contacted him directly in early 2019, Eric was just about to turn 91 years old but was (in his own words) "still kicking, although a little more slowly!". He confirmed that all items were still available, although this could of course change over time. For more current information, go to Eric's website or contact him directly at