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Model Aero Engine Encyclopaedia

During the 1950's, an excellent series of articles on a wide range of aspects of then-current model engine technology appeared in the pages of “Aeromodeller” magazine. Working principles, design, construction, operation, fuel requirements, airscrew selection, tuning and testing were among the many topics covered.  

The late Ron Moulton subsequently compiled these articles into the 1958 book “Model Aero Engine Encyclopaedia”. The collected material constituted exactly what the title of the book suggested - an encyclopaedia of in-depth information relating to all aspects of the design, construction, operation and application of model engines. A number of very useful data tables were also included, together with a variety of test summaries on various engines then in common use.

"Model Aero Engine Encyclopaedia” was a very popular book which quickly became a standard reference for power modellers alll over the world who wished to acquire a deeper understanding of their engines. The book ran to multiple editions and remained avaiable for many years following its initial publication in 1958. Although some of its content became dated as time went by, much of its general information on model engines remains just as valid today as it was then, particularly for modellers who retain an interest in engines of the "classic" type, whether replica or original. No present-day model engine aficionado will fail to find something of interest in its pages!

Copies remain periodically available from sources such as eBay and Amazon. If you get a chance to acquire a copy of your own, I would strongly recommend that you do so!