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Weston UK (E.D.)

Weston UK is the mail order business operated by Alan Greenfield from his Weston Model Centre shop at Tydenham in North Kent, England. The firm is most notable for the fact that Alan Greenfield is the current owner of the famous E.D. marque. It's a seemingly little-known fact that a number of the famous E.D. model diesels remain available from Weston UK.

The popularity of the excellent E.D. marine diesels among boat modellers has never faded over the years, and the Super Hunter and Super Otter 3.46 cc water-cooled models are among the units on offer. In addition, an air-cooled aero version of the Super Hunter 3.46 cc model is also available. All three engines are equipped with R/C exhaust throttles.

Inquiries directed to Weston confirmed that these engines are not present-day replicas - rather, they are assembled from original components produced in the 1970's, of which Weston still holds considerable stocks. I've purchased my own example of this engine from Weston, finding it to be an outstanding product altogether. The E.D. saga continues, 71 years on!!

Weston stocks a wide variety of other modelling goods in addition to the E.D. engines. A recent addition to the line of fine products offered by Weston is the "E.D. by West" line of up-to-date model diesels which are offered in four displacements. The established West range of glow-plug motors also remains available.

As one of the relatively small number of surviving businesses catering to the "traditional" modeller, Weston UK is well worthy of our support.

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