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Woody's Model Engines

Woody Bartelt of Aero Electric fame has long been a major supplier of replica model engines and parts. The list of replica engines which he made available over the years is quite mouth-watering, and the catalogue of parts on offer is truly amazing. Woody did not confine himself to American engines - one of his latter-day ventures was a series of the parts typically required to restore the popular English FROG 500. Having bought quite a few parts from Woody myself, I can attest to the fact that their quality is uniformly high - often better than the originals, in fact!

As regular readers of my articles will be aware, I myself bought a number of Woody's replicas over the years, most of which have been tested by me and found to be excellent engines which are very faithful to the originals. The Ball 60Baab-Fox 60 and Bungay High-Speed 600 are examples which have already been covered in separate articles either here or on "Model Engine News" (MEN), and there will be others as time goes by.

Sadly, Woody passed away in April 2018.  As of that time, his son John stated his intention to continue to supply parts from existing stocks, but he was only able to devote one day a week to this activity. In late 2018 it was announced that John and his mother Gloria have decided to maintain the service on a part-time basis as long as stocks hold out. There will be no renewed manufacturing of parts or engines, so what's in stock is all that will ever be available.

Please not that ordering by telephone is not possible. People are requested to use the order form which is available on the website and to exercise patience in awaiting receipt of their orders. Check out the excellent web-site for the current listings of available items.